About Us

Hi, We're Katie & Tyler

We founded Shape & Strength Fitness because, in addition to being partners and parents, we are both personal trainers. While our backgrounds are different, our philosophy is the same.

Katie comes from the worlds of dance, pilates and The Tracy Anderson Method. Tyler is a personal trainer with CHEK certification and sports performance expertise.

However, we both combine strength training with mindfulness and nutritional support, offering what is known as lifestyle coaching.

About Tyler

I’m Tyler, a personal training specialist in Renton, committed to integrating the science of kinesiology with your fitness journey. My background in B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist credentials, and NASM Corrective Exercise specialization form the bedrock of my holistic training philosophy. As a Golf Performance Specialist and a former NASM Nutrition Coach, I bring a nuanced perspective to fitness that goes beyond the gym — it’s about crafting a lifestyle. Whether it’s through one-on-one sessions or tailored online programs, I’m here to ensure your fitness path is as unique as you are, with expert guidance every step of the way.

About Katie

I am Katie, an ACSM-certified personal trainer in Renton, and your partner in cultivating a life full of movement and vitality. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and over 20 years dedicated to the art of dance, my approach to personal training is infused with the grace and discipline of my craft. Having trained under celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, I offer a rich tapestry of expertise in dance fitness, Pilates, barre, strength, and stretching. My mission is to guide you toward holistic wellness, where every workout is not just about physical transformation but a celebration of what your body can achieve.

Our Philosophy

We believe every client is unique. Our mission at Shape & Strength Fitness extends beyond traditional personal training. As your dedicated personal trainers in Renton, Washington, we embrace a comprehensive approach to wellness and fitness. Physical strength, inner harmony, and adaptability, are essential for a fulfilling and balanced life. Our unique programs are designed just for you. Enhance your physical abilities and overall well-being. Let's begin your transformative fitness journey today with your expert personal trainers in Renton.

Online Personal Training in Renton, Washington or Online

Discover your strongest, most flexible self with Shape & Strength Fitness in Renton, Washington. As your integrative personal trainers, we blend the dynamism of dance with the precision of Pilates, the science of CHEK practice and corrective strength training. Enjoy a holistic program that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you’re seeking to build your physique, enhance your performance, improve your well-being, or find a rejuvenating balance, we tailor your wellness sessions to you. Start your journey now and transform yourself inside and out with our online personal training fitness routines and lifestyle coaching.

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