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I believe in the power of integrating body, mind, and soul into your fitness journey. Drawing from Pilates and dance, my approach is designed to nurture and empower you, inside and out. Engage in workouts that not only tone and strengthen your body but also provide a peaceful yet energizing experience for your mind and soul. Discover the transformative power of a dynamic fitness regimen that integrates every part of you.

Looking for a personal trainer in Seattle? Local clients can enjoy face-to-face, personalized training sessions with Katie or Tyler.

Customized workout plans, real-time guidance, and motivational support. Train from anywhere and receive expert instruction tailored to your fitness goals.

Diverse workout sessions that blend strength training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), tailored to individual fitness levels.

Engage in dynamic, creative workouts blending the fluidity of dance with the discipline of Pilates, designed by Katie to energize and tone your body.

Specialized training for couples, allowing partners to share their fitness journey, with exercises tailored to their unique dynamics and needs.

Clients have the option to switch between training with Katie, Tyler, or both, accommodating various fitness aspects and training styles.

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